Health Club in Peoria, IL

The complete indoor facility at the Landmark Recreation Center Health Club has something for every member to enjoy and is a great place to get in shape, relax, and have fun.

Courts and Gymnasium

Racquetball and handball players will love the courts at Landmark Health Club. All seven are complete with cushioned wood floors, mercury vapor lighting, privacy boxes, and humidity control to ensure the ultimate playing experience.

We also offer a wallyball court and a complete gymnasium, perfect for basketball or heavy bag and speed bag boxing.

Training Machines and Rooms

Get in shape in our cardio room, which includes the following equipment and more:

  • Rowing machines, steppers, ellipticals, treadmills, stepmills, and cross trainers
  • Upper body ergometer
  • Upright and recumbent bikes
  • Endless rope
  • VersaClimber
  • Jacob’s Ladder

We also have a large free weights room which features a Flex 14 weight stack system, strength training machines like Nautilus One and Free Motion, and a women’s full circuit strength training room.

Personal Training and Classes

Don’t want to get fit on your own? We offer personal training in a private studio with battle ropes, TRX suspension training, a Matrix Functional Trainer & S-Drive Treadmill, kettlebells, med balls, DB sets 2- 50lb, bands, and more.

We’re also happy to offer a wide range of fitness, spinning, and boxing classes, which are also available to non-members.

Additional Amenities

Our health club facilities include two multi-purpose dance studios, an indoor running track, an exercise pool, sun tanning rooms, steam and sauna rooms, locker rooms for men and women, and huge jacuzzis. Members also enjoy a pro shop, a lounge and smoothie bar, a licensed massage therapist on staff, and a kids room for children ages 5 to 13.

Contact us at 309-685-8200 to learn more about how you can join.

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Complete Indoor Health Club Facility Which Offers…

  •  7 racquetball and handball courts
    • Cushioned wood floors, marlite fiber board walls, mercury vapor lighting, privacy box in courts, and humidity controlled
  • 1 wallyball court
  • Complete gymnasium
    • For basketball and boxing heavy bag and speed bag
  • Cardio room
    • Featuring  Steppers, Upper Body Ergometer, Rowing Machines, Treadmills, Ellipticals, Crosstrainers, Stepmills, Upright &  Recumbent Bikes, Endless Rope, Versa-Climber, Jacob’s Ladder, and much more!
  • Large free weights room
    • Including Flex 14 weight stack system
  • Complete lines of strenth training machines
    • Including Nautilus One and Free Motion
  • Womens only Full Circuit Strength Training Room
    • With Iron Grip Dumbbells 5-50lbs, treadmills, ellips, and bikes.
  • Personal training
    • Available including a private studio with TRX suspension training, Matrix Functional Trainer & S Drive Treadmill, Battle Rope, Med Balls, Kettlebells, DB sets 2- 50lb, Bands, etc!
  • Wide variety of fitness and spinning classes
    • Also available to non-members
  • Two multi-purpose dance studios
  • Indoor running track
  • Exercise pool
  • Sun tanning rooms
    • Multi-level beds with packages available
  • Steam and sauna rooms
  • Men’s and women’s locker rooms
  • Giant jacuzzis for both men and women
  • Pro shop equipped for all your needs
  • Beautiful lounge with Smoothie Bar
  • Licensed masseuse
  • Just For Kids Room
    • Kids rooms for ages 5-13

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Pool Workouts



Zumba slide

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